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Race against the Computer, Race against the Clock. Test your skills with this single player Race Game for the Sharp Zaurus.

Z-Rally offers the User Multiple Skill Levels and a variety of Track Layouts. There are fifteen different tracks to choose from.


What's been done:

  1. Added New Tracks.  There are now a total of fifteen tracks from which to choose.
  2. When the User Controlled car passes under another track piece, for example when it travels under an overpass, a blue line is displayed on the screen indicating the cars current position and direction.
  3. Most of the graphics that the game uses are now part of the executable.  No more problems with not being able to find the car images or the track pieces.
  4. Made several corrections to the AI functions for the Computer Controlled car.  It is staying on the track much better now.
  5. Code cleanups, lots and lots of code cleanups. This game was originally designed and coded in a span of about three weeks.   I had never written a game, or had any real experience with Qt's graphical classes before beginning this program.  When it was first released, it worked, sort of.  Well, since version beta 3 it has worked, sort of.  It wasn't pretty, or well written, or readable or maintainable or in any condition to be expaneded onto, but it worked, sort of.  The code is starting to look more like something that might actually do better than sort of work, sometime in the near future.

What is left to be done:

  1. There is still some problems with the frame rate.  The game graphics are a little jerky, usually not enough to be noticed easily, but the code definately needs to be optimized for smoother graphics.
  2. More code cleanups.

Download Information:

I've tested the latest relese on my Sharp Zaurus improved over earlier releases.

You can view the Source Code or Download the latest release from SourceForge

If you have any problems or comments concerning the latest release you can send me a message or go here and submit a bug report.

How To Start:

  • Use the Up and Down Keys to cycle between Categories.
  • Use the Left and Right Keys to cycle between Settings.

How To Play:

  • You are the Blue Car.
  • Use the Up Arrow Key to make the car go Faster.
  • Use the Down Arrow Key to make the car go Slower.
  • Use the Left Arrow Key to make the car go Left.
  • Use the Right Arrow Key to make the car go Right.
  • If you Hit the Edge of the track, you will crash.
  • If you run off the screen, your car will reappear at the Race Start location.

What's planned for the near future:

I'm going to keep hammering on what I've got, until I get it to a point that I'm comfortable calling it a 1.0 release.   This should happen sometime within the next two or three months.   I am already starting to make plans for the version 2.0 release which I will start on shortly after the version 1.0 release.

For version 2, I plan on including larger tracks,with the ability to scroll the images across the screen.  I've also started working on a Track Editor, which will allow the user to design their own tracks.

I hope to be ready to release version 2 before the end of the year, but since this is just something that I do in my spare time, for fun, that release timeframe may change significantly as the year progresses.

The Tracks Currently Available: